.chapter xxix: Gallup

.collection of work done at Gallup World HQ

.hi friend. Welcome to the Gallup chapter of my design story—detailing my time at the famous polling company (psst…they actually do more than polling). In addition to helping develop the IXD skills of the UX team, I was recruited by Paul Allen and Kara Sasse to help modernize and bring innovative thought to Gallup’s CliftonStrengths platforms—one of the most popular personality assessment tools in the world. This required shifting the organization’s thinking from “we are developing a product” to “we are developing a service“.

.gallup exchange

. what is it:
A web platform dedicated to serving the needs of Gallup Certified Strengths Coaches and those who seek out their services. Prior to Exchange, there was no method for CliftonStrengths users to view Gallup certified Strengths coaches. Paul Allen decided that we needed to create a centralized hub for coaches to market themselves and for Strengths users to find a coach that could help them maximize their Strengths.

. team composition:

  • 1 UX Designer (Me)
  • 1 Front-End Engineer
  • 1 Visual Designer
  • 1 Product Manager
  • 1 Product Strategist
  • 1 Stakeholder/Visionary
Exchange Logo
.gallup exchange platform
Yammer comments
.reaching out to users in the community led to productive phone interviews
exchange personas
…which informed our persona development
exchange style guide
.collaborated on pattern library to match Gallup brand
usability test exchange
.we iteratively tested core features of the platform (e.g. team grid)…
exchange team grid desktop
…which lead to incremental improvements on both desktop (created in Framer Classic)…
exchange mobile team grid
…and mobile
gallup exchange mockups
.final exchange mockups

.cliftonstrengths (remix)

.featuring work done for the B2B/B2C CliftonStrengths platforms for Gallup. Work ranges from redesigning the website checkout experience (which dramatically improved checkout speed and completion on mobile and desktop), to ideating and testing our new CliftonStrengths products, to facilitating conversations to improve the service delivery of CliftonStrengths to universities across the world.

cliftonstrengths logo
.cliftonstrengths platforms
Clifton Strengths shopping center
.strengthscenter checkout redesign
.father Paul was none too happy to see that our mobile checkout revenue numbers were dwindling
mobile strengths center mocks and wires
gallup strengths center images

hooked model Nir Eyal
.we explored how we could modify user behavior frequently
csf sketch
hooked_mobile wire
CSOS sketches
career finder mockups
…tested out new CliftonStrengths offerings (e.g. a tool to help identify careers associated with Strengths)…
Career finder gif
sqos service blueprint
…and conducted workshops to create a shared understanding of gaps/opportunities to indirectly improve the customer experience

father Paul Allen
.father Paul Allen (far right) and the innovation team in D.C.