.collection of work from 2010 – Present

.hello friend. The work shown below highlights skills that cover the many facets of the beautiful craft of design (print, IXD, branding, animation, creative direction…sigh…just take a look). Since I know you so well, friend, I’m pretty sure you prefer not having to read in exhaustive detail about all of my work, so contact me to learn more.

.takis nonprofit law branding

“.can you help me build a website?” used to be my least favorite sentence. Now I hear, “I have a design problem. Can you help me solve it?”

ben takis logo
.client: Takis Nonprofit Law (c. 2012)
ben takis website image
.takis nonprofit law squarespace website
brand guidelines
brand guidelines
brand guidelines
brand guidelines
takis instagram posts


.my first corporate job where I was tasked with doing everything : From helping design a mobile app, to motion graphic work, to print design for RFPs. Valuable lesson learned: As a designer, always know your worth.

HMSHost logo
.client: HMSHost (c. 2015)
hmshost binder cover
binder inside hmshost
rfp layout

host start somewhere logo

.host2coast mobile application
host2coast screens
host2coast wires
host2coast wires
host2coast screens

.liv games

.featuring work done for/with the incredible Liv Games. One of the greatest indie game design companies of all time! Work includes motion graphic, mobile game, and website design.

.client: Liv Games (c. 2010 – 2017)
liv games website final
.liv games website redesign

untitled pc fantasy game gif
.untitled PC fantasy game
bullet age gif
.nintendo’s Bullet Age
hip hop berserker image
.fourtwothree studios’ Hip Hop Berserker