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.i started out my career over 11 years ago as a game 2D animator and UI designer. Since then, I have expanded my knowledge enough to be able to work alongside immensely gifted individuals, help develop, mentor, & manage talented teams, and build experiences (products & services) for a diverse audience—adults, children, service members, federal employees…even animals. I am a staunch advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion and for pushing for innovative thought in the public sector. You can now catch me now running around the Pentagon as a design leader and chief of staff for Defense Digital Service.

.i enjoy learning, so in addition to continuing to expand my knowledge of interaction and service design, I’m exploring areas of data science, cybersecurity, and XR. Hit me up!

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.three beliefs

.gotta have a code

.every designer should have a personal code of ethics that helps to guide how they work

.objective over method

.a design practitioner values their tools, but prioritizes the desired outcome

.betray what you know

.challenge what you have been taught—never settle as a “master”.